As Regency embarks on its newest advertising campaign for 2015, we thought it might be fun to show you what kind of direction and "motivation" goes into the concepts we're creating. We are all about creating moments for people, both retailers and shoppers, and we wanted to be sure that was the message we were portraying in a way that stood out. This is the first in a three-part series of advertisements that you'll see appearing in various publications and online slots. Keep your eyes peeled, and we hope you enjoy!

I began to notice a trend while trying to inch my way through the 405. People are much less likely to let you into a lane if you use a signal. Also, the act of “zippering” when traffic approaches a bottleneck is a fairly unique human event. We aren’t taught this in driver’s education, but everyone seems to understand the concept almost instantly.

traffic on the highway from driver perspective

The thought of traffic congestion immediately took my mind to my inbox. A near Sisyphean feeling began to increase my stress levels as I imagined a never-ending pile of work that just replaced itself every single day. A long and drawn out stream of air made it’s way from my lungs and out through my pursed lips. I needed some “me” time.

outdoor seating area at westlake plaza under a canopy with four pillows on wooden benches in front of shrubs and trees

I had started carrying my exercise equipment with me whenever I could. A sports bag was never encumbering; it was always a key to a little more freedom. I clicked the “lock” button on my car keys and smiled as I walked to the glass doors that read Pressed Juicery.

pressed juicery menu at the retail location

Refreshing and cleansing was going to be my theme for the rest of the day. After picking up a Citrus 1 I made my way over to Core Power Yoga where the familiar feeling of calm immediately began to pull the mental toxins from my body. As my muscles began to activate, my brain moved its focus away from the day and into my movement. The remnants of eight working hours dissipated within the time frame of one hour spending time with just myself.

rolled up shirts on display inside retail location with rack of shirts on the side

Afterwards, I made my way to the fountain in the courtyard of the center. The light breeze cooled the sweat on my skin, and the juice I’d purchased earlier washed through my core. In that moment I regained my balance, both mentally and physically, and at once found myself cleansed, relaxed, refreshed, and centered.

woman doing yoga in a serene setting with bamboo trees within a shopping plaza