Fresh Picked Retailer, Fall 2015: SoulCycle

SoulCycle | Westlake Plaza

One thriving fitness company seems to be making all the right moves despite the crowded waters of exercise trends and concepts. Their popularity seems to increase exponentially, cultivating a powerful following across the country. Here are the ways that SoulCycle is keeping their concept “Fresh.”

Their Brand is Their Culture

Three runners posing for a photo together after a race, wearing their medals at the finish line.

For SoulCycle it’s all about a sense of community, positive energy, and self-improvement. They are active in their neighborhoods and love to spotlight their clients' successes.

They Merchandise Extremely Well

collage of soul cycle merchandise shirts that are available for purchase

SoulCycle’s clothing line embodies the attitude and goal to stand out in a crowd, promoting company reputation, as well as national and local pride.

Becoming an Instructor is Competitive, and for Good Reason

3 women on soul cycle bikes with their coach gladly cheering them on

Leading a class is about more than just picking good music and pedaling on a bike. It’s about being able to inspire a room full of people to push themselves to new levels of fitness. Personality is extremely valuable in this cardio cathedral.

Locations, Locations, Locations

map of new york city area with black pins to designate soul cycle locations

SoulCycle has over 50 locations in twelve major markets, capitalizing on their popularity and word-of-mouth spread from their clients to their communities. Classes fill up quickly, so if you’re interested you might want to plan ahead.

Retailers can't afford to just do one thing well anymore. SoulCycle--along with countless other operators carving out niches in established industries--are hitting it on all cylinders, circles, and wheels. Check out SoulCycle's location in our own Westlake Plaza, and follow the center's Facebook page for updates and exclusives.