Tips for Success at RECon - Take 2

Remember last year when we suggested where to get the best steak in Las Vegas? This year we are providing even more tips to help make your RECon experience productive and successful. Annually, ICSC brings more than 36,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors to Las Vegas for a four-day global convention geared toward the shopping center industry. We hope the advice from our professionals can help you navigate through the networking events, educational sessions and business meetings that RECon has to offer.

Marc Elias headshotMarc Elias, Leasing Agent in Tampa, FL

"RECon is where retailers bring their best – the booths and ideas presented are unlike anything you will find at another show. My suggestion would be if you see something, take a picture of it, tweet it, tag it, or somehow add it to social media. This may create the successful introduction that you were looking for.

Last note, when you look good, you feel good. I think it's important that both retailers and property owners see that we live by what we say with our 'Fresh Look' philosophy; we are a representation of our product and what we can bring to a retailer. Don’t be the guy in jeans and strap sandals!"

Annie Dlugokecki, Leasing Agent in Raleigh, NC

Annie Dlugokecki headshot“As a first time RECon attendee there are two things I am most excited about: the first is getting to know the Regency team, our corporate culture and putting so many names to faces. I look forward to learning from the leasing agents in different markets and incorporating new knowledge into my day-to-day practice.  Second, I am eager to gain exposure to new national and regional retailers that have eyes on North Carolina and will enter these markets in the months and years ahead.”

Ryan Ertel, Senior Leasing Agent in Cincinnati, OH

Ryan Ertel headshot"RECon is a terrific opportunity to catch up with old friends, colleagues and business acquaintances from the past. It’s also important to develop new connections within the industry, while strengthening others. Block out time in your schedule to walk the floor and introduce yourself to the retailers or brokers that you haven’t worked with. RECon is exciting, but can also be draining. Drink plenty of water, get to bed at a halfway decent hour and please, don’t set your hair on fire. Make the experience fruitful!"

Jan Hanak, Vice President of Marketing and Communications in Jacksonville, FL

"RECon is the perfect event to use social media to make connections and stay on top of information as it occurs in real time. Oh, and if a pigeon happens to show up for a meeting, tweet it."

David Sherin, Senior Leasing Agent in Philadelphia, PA

David Sherin headshot"Network. Network. Network. RECon is the perfect opportunity to build your network of professional connections. Don’t spend too much time with your friends. Do reestablish connections with important individuals within the shopping center industry who you may not see regularly, and make new contacts. Wear comfy shoes, dress in layers and stay hydrated. Bring your survival “musts” like aspirin, mints, nutritional snacks and chapstick, just in case!"

Dale Johnston, Senior Vice President, CIO in Jacksonville, FL

Dale Johnston headshot"Make sure your phone accepts time zone change by completely restarting. When you book meetings, specify the Time Zone by clicking the ‘Time Zones’ button on the Outlook ribbon and specifying Pacific Time Zone for the meeting start and end. You definitely want to make your meetings on time!"



Patrick Johnson, Vice President, Capital Markets and JV Portfolio Management in Jacksonville, FL

Patrick Johnson headshot"To the first-timers: don’t underestimate how long the days are – so plan the prior night appropriately! Regarding blackjack, as Lisa “Yogi Berra” Palmer would say: ‘You gotta win the hands you gotta win.’ Wait, huh?"