Regency's Acquisition of Carytown Development Sparks Community Excitement

Residents of Richmond, VA’s Carytown district are still feeling the holiday cheer after the recent announcement of Regency’s acquisition and redevelopment of their neighborhood Publix shopping complex. Projected to be decorated with a two-story parking deck to boot, the new and improved space will better reflect the surrounding Carytown community, which boasts an eclectic, vibrant atmosphere housing more than 230 shops, restaurants, and offices.

Mother pushing a stroller with kids behind her, leaving a Publix food and pharmacy storeSpecifically situated within Cary Street and Elwood Avenue’s bustling retail scene, this development — and more specifically the hidden parking deck — comes with much anticipation from community members, who have struggled to find proper traffic and parking patterns in years past due to seven access points on just two elevations and other logistical issues.

"It was extremely important that this felt like a natural extension and addition to the existing neighborhood," said Eric Davidson, Regency's Senior Communications Manager. "This community is very engaged, and anything less than an authentic and genuine plan to enhance what people love about the area would have been a gross misstep. Thankfully, our team spent a lot of time and effort to make sure that we got it right, and a plan for the future to help ensure that."

We are elated for the redevelopment of what is sure to be a standout improvement in the Carytown district; creating a more cohesive, convenient, aesthetically pleasing and lucrative community environment for dwellers and visitors alike.

Learn more about this exciting development here.

Photo credit: Richmond Times-Dispatch