Taking a Farm Fresh Look at Pizza

I purposely scheduled this post to go out now, as opposed to earlier in the day or later in the afternoon. Why? Because I want you to smell and taste the message in this article, and not just read it. Right about now I'm guessing that the satisfaction of being full from whatever breakfast you ate has started to subside, and that feeling of encroaching hunger is starting to spread from your stomach into your brain.

Now, look at this:

Display of different varieties of flatbread pizzas

Since your eyes have had a bit to chew on, how about some dessert?

chocolate whoopie pie cake with chocolate sauce and peanut butter cups on top

Back to main courses!

pasta dish of linguini with shrimp and marinara sauce with fresh parsley and garlic bread

I'm being unfair. Let's allow your mental stomach to digest for a bit and I'll continue to tell you what else makes this place special, so much so that it was recently recognized as one of the top 18 pizza places in the entire state of North Carolina.

Patrick-Jane's Gourmet Pizza bar, located at our Shoppes of Kildaire center in Cary, NC, is run by a husband and wife team who believe that food shouldn't just taste good, it should be sourced well. This is why Kevin and Ngiare Hubbard make sure all of their ingredients are sourced from local farms. Gluten-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free are words that seep through the menu like a balsamic dressing over a crispy yet foldable pizza crust.

Speaking of which:

balsamic chicken pizza flatbread close up

It isn't just food they are looking to grow with their local purchasing. By keeping their sources local not only are they providing quality and freshness, but they are also directly contributing to sustainable growth within their community. As Kevin Hubbard puts it:

"Cultivating relationships with farmers is an ongoing process and is probably something that will never end," he said, speaking about the importance of people connections, not just produce quality. "We found a local farmer that had just opened his own market just a few miles away. This gentleman used to be the Mayor of Cary and seemed to be dialed into many of the better farmers to deal with. It was also a great marriage to cross market with him."

As for growing that market, Kevin and Ngiare's experience and passion become evident in their strategy, "We focus on charitable events and finding unique ways to market that actually generate money rather than cost money, like the sales at the local farms and cross-marketing with the booming local brewing business. Pizza and beer go hand in hand!"

If any of that sounds familiar to you it's probably because it's language that we use within Regency quite a bit. Our sustainability efforts keep us as leaders in our industry, and although we don't source local produce for what we do, we certainly source locally for our tenants and encourage community growth. This resonance of values is what made them a particularly attractive tenant for senior leasing agent, Paul Munana:

"When we have an opportunity to be the home of a first concept we take pride in that. Ngiare's performance and professionalism in restaurant operations was a real key driver here. We thought this was the perfect concept for the Cary community. It's very family friendly and offers a premium product," Paul continued to discuss how having additions like Patrick Jane's will continue to improve Kildaire with,"Elements to make it a dining destination."

To see more of what this great local operator does on a daily basis check out their website , or follow them on their Facebook page for more great food visuals and upcoming events.