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Beauty Counters Step Up their Game to Compete with Online Sales

As millennials continue to be an economic powerhouse, their tech-driven behavior is encouraging some beauty counters to innovate. Last year, online sales in the makeup industry increased by upwards of 30 percent, while online sales for skincare products surpassed in-store sales by 700 percent. This is largely and unsurprisingly linked to the tech-savvy millennial consumer’s affinity for beauty products — plus the convenience and instant gratification of online shopping.

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Chipotle Debuts Digital Order Drive-Thru Lanes

Chipotle Mexican Grill is spicing things up and adding a whole new meaning to the term “fast casual.” The franchise recently announced the addition of drive-thru lanes to a handful of its storefronts, creating an even more convenient and alluring opportunity to eat on-the-go. The twist? Drive-thru customers are required to place their orders via Chipotle’s mobile app or online form ahead of time.

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How Pop-Up Events Can Supplement Your Retail Strategy

The online retail industry’s fascination with the pop-up continues as we enter a new era of “clicks and mortar” pioneered by big ecommerce players like Amazon, Warby Parker, and Blue Apron. Pop-up events are a powerful retail marketing tactic, and as a strategy, they work for brands of all shapes and sizes.

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